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Communications Devices Corporation began in 2010 as a fulfillment centre for small retail chain stores. We are strategically located near the Stewart International Airport. Our mission is to make order fulfillment easy and affordable for all internet retailers. To achieve that mission means being honest with our customers, while providing flexibility and delivering unmatched. Over the years we have expanded to a 75000sq ft warehouse in order to serve our ever growing customer base. Our growth over the years has gained us industry recognition especially with startup companies. As a fulfillment centre we offer a range of service to small retail owners this include storage and ware housing, inventory control, pick and pack services and shipping. Currently, we offer drop shipping services in the USA, Canada and all over the world to international countries. Our technology is well integrated in our fulfillment system with your shopping cart, making order processing fast and easy, allowing you to track packages and inventory in real time. The processes are simple and transparent when using the fulfillment systems. Embracing and improving our technologies to compete in the fulfillment service industry is a core objective.

More About us

We pride ourselves with a commitment to our clients providing high quality standards by creating value to our clients. Our values are honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our services are customized for all parcels passing through our fulfillment channels. Fulfillment services are top in the industry as we continue to embrace the different technological advances to make it a smooth process. As a company we pride ourselves in providing customized and well suited services for individual and company fulfillment services. Our online order process is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Our main objective is to help you expand your markets. As a fulfillment center we offer our facility as storage for your bulky goods. If you have a new product that needs to be launched, we will help you in growing and outreaching into new markets. . If you have a small business this is the best platform to launch new products. It’s our job to fulfill these services in a professional and strategic way to cover your company needs. We deal with a variety of companies offering a range of products from electronics to phone accessories to household items. Our extensive fulfillment services ensure you get your money’s worth. Offering you the opportunity to ship your products to different countries and using our tracking system will keep your mind at ease. Our simple shipping process eliminates the bulky paper work that has in the past made it impossible for small companies to share this service. We consider you as a partner rather than a client Our achievements speak for themselves having been in operation for the last four years has improved our service delivery. Currently, our customer ratings on service delivery have greatly improved making us a pace setter in fulfillment services. Your business is our responsibility; we cater to the needs of resellers working with global companies. Courier services are expensive to use especially in shipping products to different continents. Don’t be worried, use of our tracking system ensures your good reach its destination safely. Our technology has helped the company to continue growing offering even more to our clients.

Fulfillment Services

The advantages of using our fulfillment services will help you focus on different aspects in your business. We will save your costs in times of money and time. As a business you need time to attend to other business functions such as sales, marketing, buying and innovation. We provide you the opportunity to do that with our high end business fulfillment services. We are more than a warehouse and we understand that as a small business the option of a warehouse are limited. Our business solutions go hand in hand in securing your merchandise and providing timely reports on the goods shipped giving you a conclusive inventory of your goods. We understand the limitations of using courier services in handling huge bulks of goods not to mention the costs. We offer courier services at a cheaper cost reducing the turnaround time for goods shipped. Our fulfillment services are inclined to your personal needs; we not only offer our services to small companies but work with startups as well. Our rates are competitive with other fulfillment companies and centers offering services in a package. Our rates depend on size of the package and the distance that is to be shipped. This method has been our main anchor in making us successful in fulfillment services and drop shipping. Most shipping companies offer prices per order of shipments, our current business solutions offers contractual flat rates. Our flat rates offer you the opportunity to use our services while disregarding the amounts used per order. We would advise you to use this service especially when you’re dealing with bulk materials. This will end up cutting your costs by half; this service extends to making the budget much easier. Our cost sharing mechanism will leave your business profitable for days to come. Our duty is to our customer providing solutions that will improve small chain companies and startups, as you continue to find a footing in the market. As a fulfillment center we help you save on packaging fees, for bulky products we offer cartons. Reducing the cost per order of goods been shipped by your company. If you have any questions, contact our customer support and get a direct response immediately. We are always on standby to tackle any issues regarding your shipping needs and our fulfillment services. Consider our services the next time you are looking for fulfillment services. We are more than just any other warehouse, we are a fulfillment center.